uvii ITD
Immersive Theater Demonstrator

“The Virtual Archeology Experience”

Do you wish to become an archeologist and to start searching in a real zone spotting?

You can experience digging layer per layer.

You can experience tactile inspection of assets.

The audience finds out all about each stage of the dig. Each participant is given a patch of land on the virtual archaeological site and, using the MUVII ITD device, digs down removing one layer at a time in order to create a cross-section of the soil until objects worthy of a closer look can be found. These objects are then cleaned and placed into the “Discovery Gallery” containing all of the items found by the trainee archaeologists and paleontologists.
The host institution can integrate digital versions of their own assets into the system.

The Device “ITD H3DI” Technical characteristics:
  • Joystick-like structure
    • 2 DOF (wrist)
    • 70° flex. / >80° abduct
    • F~5N
    • Workspace > 400mm
  • Mouse like ergonomic handle
    • 2 tactile motors
    • 1 button
  • Integrated design
  • weight < 700g


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