uvii IKD
Interactive Kiosk Demonstrator

Demonstrates how haptic interfaces can be used on educational procedures and enhance them.

Experience / Feel & Steadily Learn about:

  • Newtonian Physics & the Solar System and
  • Simple mechanics related to gears.
  • Feel the gravity: Grab the spaceship moving in a predefined line, parallel to the aligned planets and feel the different gravitational forces.
  • Explore the planets: Grab the spaceship and approach the surface of planets and satellites and experience important phenomena taking place inside their atmosphere, like storms, rings, etc.
  • Feel the planets: Select a planet and feel it using your thumb and index. Rotate the planet and touch physical bumps / mountains and feel differential surfaces, like water, ice, rocks.
  • Newtonian Physics: Lift objects of various masses from the surface of planets and feel the different weights. Move on a planet, throw objects of various masses on its surface and observe their trajectories.
  • Game: “Save the Earth!”: Protect the Earth from meteors or comets heading towards it with a shield. Feel the force created when a meteor hits the shield.
  • Simple mechanics related to gears: Learn about the history of toothed wheels, gears and their applications through the years and experience the assembly of selected applications of gears, like Watermills, Windmills, Clocks and Differential Gear.
  • All applications are accompanied with 3D sound delivered through headphones.

The Device “IKD H3DI”: Technical characteristics:
  • Two 3-DOF robots. Force feedback on thumb and index is ~5N in all directions.
  • Finger movements without restriction
  • Tactile feel through two tactile motors. Feel surface contours and surface textures
  • Weight ~ 1kgr. A counter-balanced system is used to eliminate the weight.
  • Adjustable to hands of various size
  • No need for a button to clamp objects. H3DI is clamped to a virtual hand.

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