ulti-User Virtual
Interactive Interface


The key objective of MUVII project is to develop on one hand two new Man-Machine-Interface Devices featuring haptic feedback, called Haptic-3D-Interfaces (H3DI), and on the other hand two prototypes of innovative integrated products using these devices: the Immersive Theatre Demonstrator (ITD) and the Interactive Kiosk Demonstrator (IKD). In the context of this project two innovative haptic devices developed for professional applications in entertainment, museums and education which would be able to evolve in the medium term to the general public market. The two demonstrators are being developed in order to demonstrate two very innovative types of environments over a market as broad as possible in term of functionality, low cost PC and software platforms (XP, Unix). They are both required to ensure the future economic exploitation of the projects results in these e merging and fast growing markets (cultural, entertainment and education). The main reason is that these professional markets can accept the cost of devices produced for the first time, in small series. Moreover, as they are in contact with the public, these applications will give a good and fast validation feedback to specify future adapted mass products. The key idea of this project is to treat the return of sensation as the metaphor of force feedback which leads to low cost and easily reproducible devices.

Interactive Kiosk Demonstrator (IKD)
Immersive Theatre Demonstrator (ITD)
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